I have a 30 gal tank right with 6 each of Jumbo Neons and Black Neons... I thought I had more of each but I must have lost a few so I plan on bringing those numbers back to at least 8 each. Right now I still have 3 glofish left that bug me and I doubt the 2 will live much longer as they are showing age.
It is a well planted tank now and an AC 200 filter so lots of filter capacity. I don't mess with ph but all tetras seem happy and healthy. I am looking to add something in replacment of glofish that is NOT aggressive like them, but has color that will show more in a very green tank. Now right now I'm pregnant so it's difficult to do WC as often as I should and from I am reading Rummynose would not fare well in that. So I think I'm looking more into the future.
Do you thin that I could pull this off? My neons have done well when introduced and I rarely lose a fish. Mostly I've lost small neons when first introduced and a black neon here and there... obviously more of a died of old age thing. I'm just wondering if I have enough 'experience' to own rummy nose. lol I have had snails and they didn't do well becuase I couldn't keep enough calcium for them. Even though I think we have harder water here- it seems my other tetras have adapted. Only stores I can trust here are Petsmart because I always lose fish from Petco or Walmart. Those are only options as I can't afford shipping - I will have 3 kids as of June and a husband who wants more color in my tank... he thinks blacks neons blend too much and he doesn't like them. Oh well. I do. But I agree I'd like a little more action in my tank and more contrasting color as well as a tighter schooling fish. I've considered adding Harl. Rasboras too but they might look too much like B. tetras. Anyway what do you think?

I also have 4 peppered corys.