Hi Guys

I have a some goldfish questions that Id like your opinion on.

1) Why do a couple of my fish like to hang around the top of the tank? I have two air stones and my water quality isn't a issue? Can they just be swimming around up there? they don't appear to be gasping for air or anything? would the temp of the water have anything to do with it? I keep the tank at 22C ( I think that is 71f ) so room temp.

2) How many time should I feed the fish a day? I usually give them two feeding's a day

3) How low should I also keep the water below the top of the tank? I have it about a inch from the top

4) Is it okay to turn the heater and filter off for a few hours a day. I go to work at 7am and the wife leaves at 11am and was wondering if she turns everything off would it be okay until I get home at 3pm? Im just not comfortable with leaving all that on when Im not at home, especially the heater.

5) I had another thread going in one of the other forums but just wanted to check again here. How much water should be changed in my 40 gallon tank per week? I have four fish in there.

Thanks for the help