Another question for Cliff

I was reading your plumbing article and had a question on the pump size I should pick up. Had I been the one to drill this tank I would have used 1" bulkheads but alas the previous owner used 3/4" o that is what I have to work with. I believe the drain will handle 500gph easy 400 at the minimum. The return will have appx a 3'6" head height. There will be 2 unions, 2 45's (to compensate for alignment) and 1 90 before the bulkhead. Inside of the tank there will be 3 additional 90's for the outlet. So by using middle of the road numbers from the chart on the blog my flow rate reduction should be about 350gph for the fittings. The pump I was looking at, (Danner Supreme 9.5, specs a flow rate of 740gph at a 3' head height. leaving me with 390gph.

What would you suggest as a pump size? something in the 1200gph range? I am adding in a 1/2" tee and ball valve in the return that dumps back into the sump to regulate pressure in the return line so I am assuming it is better to go bigger rather than too small?