My name is Alex. Smex is a nickname. I'm from South Jersey and I've had my first tank since I moved into my house at college 5 months ago. It is a 2gal I'd say..vintage looking.. found it in the basement and put two guppies and some snails in it. Now I have a 40gal south african cichlid tank, and a 10gal ghost shrimp tank which I'm currently trying to breed (really want some other species of shrimp). I'm going to put pictures up soon!

I'm very excited to learn from all the experienced aquarists here in the Aquatic Community. Since I have little experience, I'll be sure to cite any advise I give with the research. I hope to become a credible source here but I'm sure there is a lot of still need to learn. Thanks for reading! and uh questions are welcome please!