So today I went to my trusted LFS. I was looking for a bottom feeder sizable enough that my bumblebee cats wouldn't devour them. Unfortunately, their khuli loaches had some weird disease which was sign #1 that I wasn't buying anything from that tank. Anywho, the girl sells me "horse faced loaches"... So I get home, and find out I got twig catfish. Three of them. Long story short, I got 21.99 catfish for 6 bucks a POP. BUT, the worst part is... I had no idea how to care for them since they weren't a loach. Does anyone know anything about these fish? I was reading that they're from Venezuela, and that they're primarily algae feeders, but am I going to have a problem with any of my other fish? Since the bumblebees are primarily carnivores (they have all but decimated my lampeye tetra population), I don't think there will be an issue? I've also read that "heater protectors" are something I should have in case they decide to latch onto the heater. How much do those cost? I don't think I've ever seen one before. I'm confused. Here are a couple of photos of the new fish. I'm in love with them.