Heres the thing, on my 4 ft 55 gallon tank I have a full hood with a single T12 bulb. This hood wasn't bad when the tank was a tetra freshwater set-up. It is now being changed into a reef set-up and I know the lighting is weak. I want to upgrade to LED's due to the life of the bulbs and the reduced wattage usage.

I was by the lfs the other day (basically every other day I find myself there), and they have a new programmable system there which you can even program cloud cover into. It runs cool, has three different LED's (white, royal blue, and moonlights). The cost just about floored me. The unit is only some 12 inches square and my tank is 48 inches long, I cant afford a fixture at each end.
The Marineland LED's I have experience with just do not get down to the bottom of a 55 gallon tank as I found out when I was doing a planted freshwater set-up.
I have surfed the net looking for an adequate lighting system which wont cost more then my car. What are the members out there using and what would they recommend? That is my question. Thanks all.