Hi everyone,

I am a newbee, i have just stumbled on this forum and it looks a really good place to find help.

I have a 300 liter Aqua One Tank which previously had comets in it, but now i have 1 single NEW 4 inch LionHead Goldfish all on it's lonesome until my next pay day LOL

1 How fast do they grow and what length can expect in a 300 liter tank

2 How many Lionhead's is kind and healthy to keep in a 300 liter tank
(Is 1 Lionhead per 20 gallon about right without over-sized ornament's taking up the space) ?

3 Is decent Flake food and occasional frozen brine shrimp a good diet?

4 THE BIG QUESTION! How much water should i be replacing weekly when i Gravel Vac ????

I hope i am not being cheeky asking all these question's LOL