I am scraping my tank every other day! Thick green algae seems to cover it so fast; I can barely keep up with it. I'm also getting brown algae on some of my plants, though it seems to affect older growth; I've been pruning the old away, and it seems to keep the brown at bay. All of my tests on the water are okay, except that I have fairly hard water (but my barbs like it that way!). I have a 6700K light (65W), which I keep on about 8 hours a day. I would make that less, but I work nights and sleep during the day; I turn the light on when I go to bed and turn it off when I awaken. I've heard that more plants would help. I have a 29 gallon "tall" tank, and I'm using a 30 gallon filter with an extension on the intake. Should I use a bigger filter? Any help would be fantastic.