Hello all,

I need urgent opinions n help.

Tuesday morning I found white cotton-type patches on my 4 Gold Sarasa Goldfish - Ich!!
My tank is 60gallon, with one cave type ornament, 2 luck bamboos, couple of anacharis plants.
The goldfish are 6-9inches long. Been with me for 2 years without any disease or illness (they were 1inch or so back then). I had an emotional attachment with them since I have seen them grow into these beautiful, elegant Goldfish.
I treated the water with API Ich control. Added salt according to the size of the tank and raised the temp to 80. I have stopped running both the filters. The air is on though.
One of them died Wednesday morning. The other 3 are still floating in a corner, occassional swimming, and not eating.

Is there anything else I should try? How long will it take the Ich to be removed? what are my next steps? will this come back and will this affect the fish if they survived.