(I hope I am posting this in the right section)
I have a thirty gallon freshwater tank, and an aquatic turtle tank. In my freshwater tank I have a map turtle (he never bothers anyone and is very timid), a blue gourami who thinks he is the boss, a pleco, a loach ( I am not entirely certain what kind), a golden snail, and a cichlid I have tentatively identified as a mbuna. I also have three blue skirts, two tiger barbs, and two rainbow sharks.
It is the sharks that actually prompted me to join and post. They usually inhabit their own sides of the tank and are rarely seen together much less visible at the same time. However, lately they have been coming out once or twice a day and meeting each other. It starts with cautious circling and then progresses to rubbing up against each other. It ends with one eventually nipping the other until they return to their corners.
I really love watching my tank. I get hours of entertainment.
Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior in rainbow sharks?

Oh, my other tank has two sliders and a map turtle.