Hi all. I go to a big marine bio school (not a marine biologist though!), live at the beach, and work at an aquarium on the weekend...It has finally gotten to me and I want to start a small aquarium for myself.

I've been doing research and I am definitely going freshwater, I am thinking 20 gallons. I have a large budget, but of course would like to keep costs down as much as possible.

I am really interested in doing a planted aquarium. I think this would be much more fun and look much nicer than plastic stuff.

According to my research, I was planning on putting a small group of Danios, a small group of Barbs/something else peaceful and good for a community aquarium, and possible a cory/an invert or two.

Here is the kicker, I am moving a couple of hours away in about half a year. I am worried about moving everything. How much of a nightmare am I setting myself up for with moving a 20 gallon planted aquarium with 10 or so small fish in it? (I know I would obviously have to drain it and have to put the fish in bags and such)

Also while I am being an annoying forum noob:

Should i get an acrylic tank or glass tank?