I just joined this forum to run this idea past you guys and to get some feed back on a indoor pond idea I have.
I was thinking about buying an rectangular framed paddling pool to put in my basement, roughly 400 US G (vary in size) placing a layer of blankets on the inside and some thermal insulation and then covering it with a pond liner so I have a well insulated framed above ground pond (that wont break and instantly flood my basement). Next I was planning on using two pumps e.g. 8000 l/h (depending on the type of fish I am planning on keeping / turnover rates needed) to go to two plastic 4 draw towers (draws) which will have holes drilled in each draw 3 layers and the 4th will just be used to gather the water to return to the pond. Instead of using a overflow (since I cant drill a hole in the side of the paddling pool) I was planning to set up the dry filters (plastic draws) next to the tank so they return instantly via water fall. The first layer will contain my pre filter, considering sponge and underneath poly fill to catch the smaller particles. The second layer will be my dry biological filtration in which I am uncertain of the media at the moment as I cannot find any plastic pot scrubbers in the UK (all stainless steel) (And bio balls don't have enough surface area for a larger filter). The final (3rd) I was considering carbon filtration until I read that it wasn't necessary unless treating fish with meds, so was considering a wet biological media such as ceramic rings. Finally would be heating it with a few 500w heaters.
I know its quite a paragraph, and I thank you for your time, any feed back would be much appreciated whether its a stupid idea, tweaks or suggestions.
- Stray
P.S. Planning on keeping a shoal of tinfoil's, a few A. cichlids, and a possible grow out for a paroon. (I know a pond lacks the sideways display of a glass tank, however I think birds eye / diagonal view combined with active fish with swimming space is just as satisfying)