I'm trying to set up my first tank and I'm planning for it to be a 125 gal some kind of Cichlid tank, and I'm needing to outfit myself with everything I need to make the tank run. I've read advice that the equipment used should be based on what type of fish are being cared for, so knowing relatively nothing about what I'm jumping into, at this point I need to defer to you guys for some good equipment advice.

Right now I'm interested in purchasing both filter and heat equipment. I've researched that it's possible to get a unit that does both so I'll probably go this route as long as these units aren't priced too way out there. What I know so far is that I need to filter my water somewhere between 4 and 8 times an hour, and that I'll probably need the equivalent of 2 300 watt heaters to get everything up to the proper temp.

The tank will be on a stand with a false back so a system located under the tank with lines leading up would seem to work well. If it makes any difference in the advice I'll probably try to combine some plants in there sometime as well.

So, if you have any advice on specifically what brand / model / size of these units I should be looking to purchase I'm all ears. Thanks.