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  1. Default Shrimp Tank Filtertration

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    Ok, got the tank and hardscape set up, plants to be bought in the next week or so.

    I have a tetra 10 filter on the tank, if I use some of the biomax from my 5555 would it work to seed the filter? If so how much would I need?

    Also I know shrimp don't produce much if any bioload, will it be enough to support bb?

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    Using filter media from an established filter will work. I would get the plants in the tank before adding shrimp. You already have two great plants in your sig., which shrimp will enjoy. Anubius Nana, and Subwassertang are enjoyed by my cherry shrimp. I also found that java moss tied to slate or driftwood is a must.
    Dont forget to put a pre filter sponge on the in-take to your filter. Babies get sucked up quick into the impeller. Yes shrimp have a very low bio-load but your BB will acclimate to the weak load and with regular w/c your tank will be just fine.
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    Awesome, I have been looking at plants for the 10 gallon. So far I like spiral vals, dwarf sag, peacock moss, and then stuck on what else I like.

    I have 2 15w full spectrum bulbs for the tank right now, and flourish root tabs

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    I use a sponge filter on my shrimp tank that was seeded in another tank. That has worked out great for me. Adding seeded media to your filter should work just fine.

    My guys seem to like my marimo moss ball. Would make a good addition, if you're into them...

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