I posted a few days ago about my eventual plans to upgrade to a 75 gallon tank - with a HOB AquaClear 110 and a Canister Fluval 406.

Would anybody know if I would have deadspots with this setup? Where should each filter go on the tank in order to maximize my in-tank water turnover?

My fish include:

2 Pink Kissing Gouramis
1 Large Common Pleco
1 Betta

I'm aware the Betta will not like current - I will probably just set him in a nice 10 gallon.

Anyway - back to my original question - would a powerhead help me with this? These guys produce quite the bioload on the bottom so I think it would help that get taken up by the filter.

So: Is it necesarry for me to get a powerhead of some form? Does my community like current (other than the betta)?