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  1. Default Is this pop eye on our Bala Shark?

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    I dont know what happened but my dads bala shark's right eye has become white and bulgy looking, it has seemed a little stressed lately so I guess it could have banged itself on something, if appears to be blind as it doesnt react when it is facing the glass with this eye. Is there anything we can do?


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    Looks like pop eye to me. Popeye can be caused by poor water, a bacterial infection, or an injury, there may be other reasons but those are the three that come to mind. I believe if it's from poor water or a bacterial infection it would be in both eyes. I had an angelfish injure his eye by bumping into a rock while chasing after another fish, and it looked much like your fish's eye. I would do extra water changes for a while until it clears up. Clean water is what he needs most. My fish has permanent damage to his eye and is now blind on that side, but he does fine getting along and still rules his tank.
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    It looks like what my Serpae Tetra had. =/ Eye cloud. It completely coated his right eye, so that he couldn't see anymore. I attempted to cure it with Fungus Guard, but after two treatments, it still didn't subside. It could be a fungal or bacterial infection. Fungus Guard supposedly treats both, but it didn't work for mine. You might try Maracyn 2.
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    I believe a antibotic is in order but you must treat for the correct type: gram negative or positive. Google to determine (or use shotgun but becareful since this can stress fish and wipe out a filter.) I think QT is in order for treatment if that is the risk.
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    How's your fish going? If he hasn't improved, place him in QT with methylene blue, sponge filter, air, and a heater for 7 days, changing water out 100% every day and redose the the blue. Meth Blue is gentle and kills both bacteria and fungus. Do reduce swelling you can also pour some epsom salt into his QT tank at 1 tbs./10 gallon.

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