Hi all, Unfortunately today while cleaning my tank one of my rope fish stayed hiding in one of my rock decor. I went to put the rock enclosure in hot water (its was hot but still warm enough for me to leave my hands in) to clean off some brown algae. The whole piece did not fit so I flipped it over and 5 seconds later i could hear one of my rope fishes swim or jump up and out of the rock decor and on to the floor. Picked him up right way with my hands because i didn't want him to squirm away while i got a net and put him in the tank. I am not 100% sure which one it was that fell in the the hot water but one of the rope fishes lips seem to be a little red compared to the other rope fish (first degree burn maybe or just irritated?) Gills seem to be working fine and he is swimming around like nothing happened while the other one which shows no signs of damage is hiding around which is also normal. I know hurt fish will tend to act normal so they do not become pray.

What should I look out for?
Is he really just acting like he is fine by swimming around calmly but could actually be hurt?
Or if he was really hurt would be hiding in a dark place like they normally do anyways?

Any Advice would be great!

And yes I learned my lesson to make a count before I start to clean my aquarium!