So after I can get together around $90 to get the stand, lighting, and substrate for my 20 gallon. I'll be ready to stock it.. Originally I wanted to add my Polly and my Molly from my 10 gallon, then get some dwarf pygmy cories and a group of schooling fish such as dwarf pencilfish or harlequin rasboras. However being as my Blue Gourami is nearing 7 years of age I really would like to get her into something bigger as she approaches the last few months of her life. She's still active and healthy and eats readily but she's losing color and you can just tell she's an old fish. What I'm asking is does anyone know if there is any other fish I could add to the 20, along with my Gourami, Black Molly and my Polly. The tank will have my eheim 2013 canister filter on it so it'll have roughly 3 times the amount of filtration needed as my filter is rated for 65 gallons. I was thinking about adding pygmy cories but I'm almost positive I'd never see them due to the size of my Gourami... Do you guys think it'd just be best to keep my Gourami with the Molly and Polly for the rest of her life?