Thanks ahead of time for reading this looong post and for advice.
At this current time I have a ten gallon tank with six neons, some shrimp and assassin snails. I am planning on upping the stock of neons to 12 or adding another type of fish. I'm not sure about that one yet.
My tank has a black background with black aquarium sand, Mopani driftwood and live plants.
Here's the lowdown on my plants. I have an Anubias anchored to the driftwood that I bought maybe 8 months ago. It doesn't appear to have grown a wink since I got it, but it's still a lush green and has not had any dead leaves. If I didn't know better I'd swear it was plastic. I have some java ferns all over that have produced many little plantlets over the last several months and in the center I have an amazon sword that has tripled in size since I got it.
The sad thing is that the java fern and the sword suffered in my recent tank disaster in which an entire bottle of prime was dumped into my tank. Ever since that happened, the leaves turned brown on the java ferns and the leaves on the sword sort of seemed to waste away and leave a lacy skeleton of themselves behind. Because of this I have recently trimmed all those lacy dead leaves away from my beautiful amazon sword and I'm just watching to see if it recovers. With the java fern I just left them alone hoping that they would also grow new plantlets again.
My light is not the standard light that came with the tank kit. It's a hood that I bought separately on the clearance rack at the fish store. It has a single florescent light bulb in it. I can't find the wattage listed anywhere on the bulb or the hood itself. Anyone have any ideas where to find that?

My husband has an irrational fear of fish. It was all I could do to talk him into the ten gallon tank when I brought it home from a friend's house one day. I don't think I'll ever be able to talk him into letting me upgrade to a 55+ gallon tank so I'm stuck with what I have. I feel a constant need to fidget and do stuff with my tank so I decided to try planting it heavily and set up some DIY C02.

Can anyone direct me to a good light for a ten gallon tank that would support a high maintenance planted system with C02? I need to have a full hood to keep the cat out, I can't have a light that just sits over an open tank. My search results for this thus far have been pretty disappointing, so I thought I'd come right out and ask.

Also, I'm quite happy with my aquarium sand, but I could switch to a flourite or some other type of nutrient rich substrate. Would I need to do this or would root tabs be sufficient? I don't even know what plants I will be getting. This is just an idea in the making. I've already ordered the tubes and valves for the C02 system from amazon and I'm just looking for help planning the lighting, substrate and types of plants.
Any suggestions or advice you have would be of huge help to me. Thanks!