So, I'm in the process of buying a 118g 5-foot tank for my SA/CA cichlids, which means their current 4-foot 65g tank will be empty and perfect for upgrading my 45g community to. Unless I change my mind and decide to keep the SA/CA's where they are and upgrade the 45g to the 118g... It's still up in the air.

My 45g community currently contains one German Blue Ram and one Gold Ram, both males. I've absolutely fallen in love with them and would love to be able to add a few females for them. I plan to make this a heavily decorated and planted amazon jungle tank centered around them with PLENTY of visual barriers and places to hide. Would it be safe to add a couple of females to the mix and hopefully get 2 pairs, or is 4-foot not enough for 2 pairs of GBRs?

There's also a breeder in my area selling Cockatoo Apistos, and I would love to add a male or a pair but I assume this would be really pushing my luck?