i agree gogi. if it's coming out that hard consistently that means you either

A) have to purchase a water softener and install it yourself to hook into your water system. As i'm in a condo on a fixed budget that's not ideal.

B) get one of those ph up or ph down items from API which is dicey to say the least and that's a gradual drop any way you slice it. Also not a good idea.

C) get a peat insert but again you'd need to keep a close eye, and even if you get the ph where you want to and take it out when you do a WC you'll have to put it back in again...(also not a good idea)

Neither of these above ideas to me because i think it'd be too much stress on any fish, no matter where you live.

And anyhow my fish are all adjusted to it, why would I want to change it LOL.

Still love that color on the Neon, too bad you won't be able to keep it yourself.