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    Default What Do These Fish Have???

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    I had 3 clown loaches (babies). They had what looked like ick. I treated them with quik cure for ick. On day two my dojo loach was upside down on his back----he's still recovering. I moved everything out--the loach , a few catfish, the snails, all but a few guppies and the clowns ---to a temporary aquarium. The dots appeared on the fish again. The very tiniest clown died. The dots look sort of like ich but the scales sort of stand out and the fish just look kind of ragged, plus some of the spots looks a little darker. So then I tried Maracide Biospheres for ick, velvet, and "other external parasites." You treat on days 1, 3, 5. I thought it was gone----this morning I noticed they were hiding a lot. Sure enough, the spots are back as bad as ever. I had already done a partial water change and the carbon was in so the maracide was gone. I just put in a Fungus Clear fizz tab. A one shot deal. I don't understand what in the world this is??? Their fins are folded and they are moving very fast and darting around if you startle them. All I have left are Maracyn Two and Coppersafe (as well as melafix, pimafix, and prazipro). I have never had to use the ick treatment this long, so I switched to the fungus clear? So I have the two loaches and a few guppies in there. The guppies seem fine,though, through it all. Nothing else that was in there has become sick either. I just hate to lose these! All my dojos in other tanks are fine (except the one that I think had nervous system damage from the ick med). So, I don't know if trying the fungus route was correct, but they were worse again!

    Now to the Oscar--he has had several tiny white dots that are a little fuzzy on his "arms"--I put the ick medicine in for him like the loach tank. Did not help. He isn't getting more spots, just keeps these and seems a little depressed and not eating as well. I am now trying Pimafix for the third day but can't tell that anything has changed. He's just the same. So what could this be?

    Third question. Most all my tanks have pretty high ph--I mean it was always 7.4 but is now getting into the 7.8 range. What causes them all to change? My tap water is about 7.4. A couple of them hit 7.8-----can chlorine remover cause the ph to change, like Stress Coat? How about Prime?
    Only one tank had a hint of nitrite and I did a partial water change. One had a hint of ammonia so I put ammo chips in a media bag. The only common problem is the borderline ph. Thanks for any advice. Just don't know what to do about these fish. My dojo is still hanging in and manages to eat guppy flakes and move around on occasion. He has a buddy who sits with him a lot. I moved out an algae eater who was about his color (golden) and picked on the two dojos a lot---why are they sometimes so mean? Anyhow, thanks for your feedback

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    Can't really tell without photo's but I will say this - shotgun approches can really stress fish. If it is ick, some types are fairly tolerant to ick meds. Salt and higher temps work 100% of the time. Also, fungus is a water quality issue so unless your tank is not as clean and/or water changes are too small, unlikely. Still, if nitrite appears at all very likely the meds hit the filter bacteria to some extent. So, stop doing that.

    Continue larger water changes (50% or more for the tank that showed nitrites) and read up on using salt and higher temp for ick. Be aware fish like Loaches, I believe (do check on this) need half the salt levels that other fish tolerate.
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    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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    + 1 to Cermet's response
    Is this tank cycled? if so, what are your water perimeters?
    I'd also stop dumping in medication since so many fish do not handle medication well. and if it is ich, treat with heat. there's a great post in the fish disease section explaining the condition outlining the cure procedure
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    what size is this tank?
    other stock?

    sorry but i couldn't gather that information from your post.

    It is key to remember that ich comes from 2 things:
    stressed fish
    new fish

    did you recently add a new fish (if so which, and did you QT it?)

    We'll be able to help with the first 3 questions in my post on the stress levels of your tank.

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