So I just got a used custom built tank, not sure of the exact capacity although I think it somewhere along the lines of 80-90g. The tank has weird specs, 45.5"L 36"high 13"W it's all 3/4" glass.

I'm in the early stages, will be re sealing the tank then building a stand and canopy and deciding on filter and other equipment for it. I will be using sand in this tank, and it will be planted for sure. This will be a huge focal piece in my living room, directly across from the couch and sitting behind a long tv bench so it will basically be my TV (I don't own a tv). The couch is already flanked with a room divider 55g semi aggressive community tank.

I'm looking for any ideas for stocking this new tank...I want to make sure I have a good variety of top/mid/low, and lots of activity. I'm open to any and all suggestions if anyone wants to jump in here. I don't want to muck it up and end up with fish who won't co habitat and have to remove them. I do also have a piranha tank, although I'm looking to phase that out.