Just got my first tank, 80 gallon hand-me-down from my dad. Needs a thorough cleaning which I plan to take care of today, but I wanted to see if I could get some advice on the other stuff! Money is tight, but I've done some research and so far I've come up with:

What I have:
1. 80 gallon tank + Stand
2. 2 12" Regent Heaters (I think 300 Watts each)
3. 48" light (32Watts)
4. Basking Lamp Fixture - No bulb
5. Thermometer

What I would ultimately like:
1. Plants (Java Fern & Amazon Sword)
2. Turtle (RES)
3. Fish (Cichlids and Angels)
*I have heard it can be challenging to keep a turtle, but I really have my heart set on it and am dedicated to making it work if its possible. From what I've read, these species seem to be compatible for the most part, given the correct environment and enough food :D

What I need:
1. Filter: Starting from scratch with the filters. I wanted to go the extra mile because of the turtle.. How does 2 Tetra Whisper EX70 filters sound? Open to suggestions!

2. Substrate: 2" SeaChem Flourite - Is there a cheaper substitute or is this really the only option adequate for plants? Will this be a problem with the turtle or should I use gravel?

3. Turtle Basking Dock: Planning on getting a floating platform or an attachment for him to crawl onto. As for the lamp, I have a clipable light fixture, what bulbs work best and use little electricity?

4. Light: Have a 48" hood, any recommendations for the bulb? I've read I need UVA and UVB for the turtle, which I'm assuming is good enough fro the plants as well?

5. Heaters: Are the 2-300W Regent heaters (HOB) enough? Should I consider a heater under the substrate too?

I'm sure I'm leaving a few stuff out, but that should be a good enough place to start. Any advice is more than welcomed!