Ok so I cannot seem to make a decision on a 2nd tank. Been searching on CL for 2 months now. Found some nice stuff that I missed and some that people thought were worth much more than they were. I figured out that I want to go with a 70 - 120g in a 48" wide footprint. I also want to do an overflow and sump type system. Why? just for the sake of doing it. Here are a few I am looking at currently but I winder if I would still be better off buying a new tank?

Petsmart has TopFin 75g's w/ light and glass tops for $164 (tempting)
Build a stand - $100, build a 20g sump $50, pump $90, misc plumbing $75 - Roughly $480

This is a 72g Bow Front, stand, canopy, light(not for plants), coast to coast overflow, most of the plumbing, no pump, 20g empty tank for sump. - Asking $450 - I offered $300 (waiting for response)

This is a 75g Drilled corner Overflow, 30g acrylic sump, CA 1800 return pump (690gph), cherry stand asking $350

This is a 75g external overflow, 40g sump, return pump LifeGuard 4000 900+ gph, Wood stand (looks a little rough) - $250

Should I go new or save a few bucks??