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    Betta is not a shoaling species. The only time a betta is interested in another betta is when it wants to mate. Despite what you may get told in the shop and read online these are tropical fish that need a filter and a heater. So, yes, please do cycle and please do get a heater if you don't own one yet (50 watts is more than enough)

    If you think the tank looks bare you can always try a few shrimp (red cherrie for example) or some ornamental snails like nerite.

    Oh, and well done on this decision!

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    Absolutely a betta can be alone - it's preferable to keep a betta in its own tank because they don't always make a good community tank member.

    Your size tank is too small for 2 bettas anyway (recommended space for a betta is minimum of 5 gal) - it's perfect for 1!

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    Okay, I'll get to it right away! Thank you everyone! I extremely appreciate the help!

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    Hope you don't mean go get the betta right away...

    Do this:
    1. Return Fish
    2. Get API Master Test Kit
    3. Get Heater
    4. Let us no what filtration the tank has (post more pics if need be)
    5. Get the right filter if needed
    6. Fishless cycle
    7. While cycling, research, or just ask for tips on here about stocking
    8. Buy fish
    9. Enjoy for many years :)

  5. Default

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    Of course no hahaha. I'll return the fish. Buy whatever I need to start the cycling and then when I'm done, I'll get the Betta fish =D
    Many thanks! that was quite helpful! :)

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    It will be fun, enjoy, and a tank that small should be easy to cycle too

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    Maha thank you for asking for advice and, on top of that, taking the advice you've been given. You will find that you will be much happier with a happy and healthy fish aquarium.
    I can already tell you'll make a good fish parent once you know all the ins and outs.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Again, the tank's filter is not cycled so the Betta will suffer. Best to cycle the filter using a fishless method as all are saying. You you must have a fish, then read the cycling with fish and except daily and near 100% water changes for three to six weeks - this method is not for the faint of heart.

    Once cycled, male Betta's absoultly MUST be alone relative to other males; male Betta's kill other males Betta's. Even a female can not remain with a male. It is possible to have a mixed aquarium with Betta's but their temp and water conditions must match. Others can tell you more.
    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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    One thing you could do if you want to keep more Betta's, is to buy female's. Breeders have come up with some beutiful strains for these. Their finnage will never be as pronounced as the males but they now come in a great choice of colors. They can still be waspish with each other but not to the extend of the males.

    Just a thought.
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    Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
    -Vince Lombardi

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    With Bettas, you always need to have a plan B.

    Two males isn't going to work, ever.
    A male and a female may work, or it might not.
    Two females doesn't work more often than it does...
    Six or more females works more frequently, but you have to always been ready for one to go rogue and kill the others.

    And it can happen fast... your happy sorority tank can become thunderdrome while you sleep. Having plenty of hiding spots is vital.

    And since most people eventually become unhappy with an aquarium with only one fish in it...

    If you are considering adding a Betta with other tropical fish, it is vital that you add the other fish first. The Betta will claim territory... if he is the only fish that territory will be the whole tank. Larger tanks can be broken up with moving the decorations around... small tanks cannot as much.

    Avoid colorful, longfinned species. They remind Bettas of Bettas. I have one in a 40gallon with some Neons and Harley Rasboras. He isn't always happy with the Neon schools, but he isn't fast enough to do anything about it either.

    Be careful of the reverse... the Betta being harrassed. They have long fins that are just too attractive to some fin nippers to avoid. Barbs are notorious, but sometimes even "peaceful" tetras channel their inner piranha.

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