Hello everyone! I'm new to fish raising and since I love animals, I really don't want my fishes to die so I'm hoping someone would point me to the right direction! :)

I bought the aquarium with the fishes 3 days ago (5th February 2013) and ever since then I've been reading about how to raise healthy fishes. But I would really prefer hearing from experts.

  1. I have 3 white medium size ones (picture below) and 9 small ones (picture below).
  2. I feed them twice a day (when I wake up and before I go to sleep).
  3. I read about the Nitrogen Cycle and I've been changing 20% of the water once a day.
  4. I think that my fishes are happy because they're moving a lot and they just don't seem sick :S.
  5. I use tap water for my tank.

Here are pictures of the fishes and the aquarium.

How the aquarium looks.


I don't know how to measure the tank in gallons, but here's the size of the aquarium.

And the food

That's all I think! Advice or recommendations are much appreciated :)
BTW, I'm extremely sorry if I posted this in the wrong section! >_<