hi everyone. My buddy came over today with a baby pleco about 2 inches long ( I'm pretty sure it's a common) dark in color with darker spots & a high fine about 7 inches in length and begged me tohouse them while he takes an unknown amount of time resealing his broken tank or buying a new one. I couldnt say no to him so into the 110 gallon they eventually went with my 13ish inch common pleco and the other fish I house in there ( oscar, black convict, ect.. all under 4 inches long) now my main questions are can I house 3 pleco together? they all seem to be getting along so far and my tank is a filtration machine i'm turning the water over about 10 to 11 times an hour on a conservative estament ( 3 HOB & 3 canister 2 fluval & one api rena filstar seems too satisfy my filtration needs) but if thats not the issue and it comes down to the number of pleco in one tank I have an empty 55 I could maybe and thats a big maybe scrape enough money together to start cycling to house the high fin and baby if absolutly necessary but would like to advoid if at all possible. any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. If I still have these guys in 6 months when I move I'm trying to save money to get a tank somewhere between 220 gallons and the 300 gallon range if that info helps in any advice you have to give. thx again in advance for any and all help