hi everyone i have a male beta that is named scuba steve that lives in a 10 gallon tank by himself and has been with me for a year so far.I consider that really good because he came from meijers and was so pale he was almost dead and now is a brillant dark blueish color with purple on his fins. all I have in his tank is a fake plant and little real plant and have a slight alge problem starting on the walls. Before I suck it all out with the gravel vac and algicide the tank is there any small alge eater like a snail or fish of some sorts that I could add? If not what fish can I add with my betta? I only want one maybe two tops if they were small. would a cory catfish work in there? I've just heard so many mixed stories on wether bettas need to be alone or are fine with certain other fish. If it helps I have room to add a small cave or to add more plants as cover in the tank. Any and all comments and suggestions will be appreciated.