hey everyone my 2 year old son and I have a oscar tank with a few other "friends" inside of it and they all co-exsist happily. It's 110 wide tank with enough filtration to turn the tank over roughly 10 times an hour, upgraded from a 55 gallon once I made the rookie mistake of buying most of the fish without researching how big they all could get. Fish consist of 2 albino tiger oscars, 2 smaller black and red oscars, a neon jewel cichlid, a pleco,2black convicts, and a cat fish that im not exactly sure what it is i'd have to go look it up online again because it was a present. What water temp, ph,levels ect are best for this set up im lightly planted and have some structures in the tank and differnt air things for bubbles for what im told is for gas exchange., Right now the water is 82 degrees and everyone seems happy with that. I appeciate any and all advice and suggestions & will try to get pictures up as soon as I can