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    So... I need some help getting this tank balanced. I am getting algae on my hornwort. It is fuzzy, somewhat stringy, and very green. The plants are doing well other than the algae- new growth, nice and green. I have been dosing excel 2.5 mL every other day for a week, but the more I read the more I wonder if that's really doing anything for me. So many conflicting ideas out there...

    I think I have too much light? The lights on this tank and my shrimp tank are both on about 12 hours a day and the shrimp tank is doing great (probably comparing apples to oranges, but thought I would mention it). I've only dosed a few mL's of ferts once when set up, and it's lightly stocked, so I don't think it's too much nutrients (?).

    I would think the next step would be to decrease the time the lights are on... right? Is the excel necessary?
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    Liquid carbon is never necessary but in this case it might well be a good idea. Is there a source of other nutrients?

    12 hours is way too much, cut this down to 10 and add a 90 minute siesta.

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    I am using Tetra FloraPride. That and the fish waste are the only nutrient sources. I am using about 1/3 the recommended dose of FloraPride. The plants don't show any signs of nutrient deficiencies as far as I can tell.

    I am going to cut the lighting down and trim the worst affected plants and see what happens. I don't want to change too many things at the same time because then I won't be able to tell what made things better or worse.

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    I have the algae under control, and the tank seems to be doing well overall. I transferred some of the baby java fern from my shrimp tank into this tank.

    I am sad to report that I had to put my DG down I am fairly certain he had "dwarf gourami disease". This leaves me at a bit of a loss of where to go with stocking. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated...

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    Sorry to hear that Fishy. =/ My DG had the same Iridovirus. He died rather quickly, actually. Very sad - he was one of my favorite fish. =/ If you have the heart for it, I'd try another DG. They do sell wild DGs, which shouldn't have the same problem. You'd probably have to purchase them online, of course, or you could get another DG at the store. The Iridovirus is a result of decades of ruthless inbreeding. It's something like 30+% of DGs have the Iridovirus, so you do have a good shot of getting another one without it. Either that, or you could do a pair of Dwarf Cichlids, like Apistos. Equally as beautiful and interesting.
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    Thanks for the suggestion...
    My pH runs high... around 7.8. Not sure if dwarf cichlids would work in that. I might try another DG from a better store, but I've read that the virus can "infect" the tank not just the fish. Not sure if I want to chance it...
    Last edited by SomethingIsFishy; 03-10-2013 at 12:33 AM.

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    Sorry to hear about your DG. I have lost two DG's in one year to what appeared to be dwarf gourami disease in both cases. (Also got them both from the same little pet store) I might try one again some day but from a different source this time because I do like them. I have had 3 German Blue Rams for several months now and I have consistent PH of 7.8 They seem to adjust quite well to it. My last GBR I had for almost a year (he jumped out of the tank somehow) and he was very healthy and colorful living in the 7.8 PH.
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    I do like GBR's... How do they do with Harlequins? And would this tank be seasoned enough to support them?

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