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    I have these taps on my Eheim Classic (came with them). Invaluable.
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    Well, the 2211 is a bit of a special case. It's way smaller than anything else, it was out of the range for a few years and then came back. It's often supplied without media and taps. And yet... it's highly sought after for the smaller aquascapes.

    OF course if you have the vertical space a 2213 is always an option, if need be just drill the spraybar.

  3. #23


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    Thanks! Those taps definitely would be helpful! Will look into them for sure!

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to respond!!
    Last edited by SomethingIsFishy; 02-12-2013 at 08:50 PM.

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    Thing is, eheim isn't cheap (and, frankly, those taps are overpriced) but take care of yours and you have a trouble free filter for a decade at least.

    IMO eheim only gets two things wrong.
    1. their documentation is mediocre at best
    2. They still do not offer clear plastic piping instead of green.

  5. #25


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    I am willing to pay for quality. Budget is a concern for me, but so are healthy fish and peace of mind.

    I wonder if DIY valves and clear tubing could be done with hardware store stuff. Will have to do some research...

  6. #26


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    If you do I'd like to hear. Do note that this filter uses two different sizes of hose. A 9/12 and a 12/16 (that's in metric, no idea how you guys call it)

  7. #27


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    Will definitely share the results if I go that route...

  8. #28


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    Is there anything I should look for or avoid when choosing a paint for the stand?

  9. #29


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    This tank is officially up and running. I spent the afternoon switching everything over today. I am really happy with the way the tank looks. The harleys are loving the new space! The gourami is a little ticked about being moved, but he's coming around. I will try to get pics up tomorrow.

    If you are wondering I am running the HOB that was on the ten for now, I will closely monitor water quality, and won't add any stock until I upgrade the filter.

  10. #30


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    I would appreciate ideas for stocking this aquarium. I'm thinking long term here... so I have time to research options. Current stock is 6 harlequin rasboras and 1 dwarf gourami. I like the harleys but want more color. The DG seemed to hide alot in the 10g, I like his colors, but want something I will see more. Maybe he will be more comfortable in the 20L once he settles in?

    Bottom dwellers? (floramax substrate)

    Your suggestions would be appreciated, will help get my mind going.

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