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    Well I had a semi-successful move into a bigger apartment this weekend. I moved the tanks no problem, but the Brichardi seem to have rejected one of the juveniles during the move. Everyone was harrassing him like crazy and wouldn't let him come down from the surface at all. I have moved him into QT where he seems to be doing ok so far. As soon as I removed him the main tank went from chaos to calm. Bummer. I will probably have to rehome him, but will leave him in QT for a while to let him de-stress.

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    Down to two juveniles in the tank. The adult fish rejected another one of the juveniles. I decided to remove the adult hoping to end up with a pair of juveniles. The two left seem to get along ok, but I don't know if they will mate (I understand they are very difficult to sex). My hope is that these two will be a mated pair and start a colony, but if one gets rejected again I will have to explore other options... I want more than one fish in this tank...

  3. #163


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    Just thinking... if I do end up having to go in a different direction... are there any more colorful african cichlids that will work in this tank? I've checked some profiles online, but minimum tank sizes are all over the place for the same species...

    Just to be clear- I am not seriously thinking about changing anything right now... just sort of "daydreaming" about what I would do IF the brichardi don't work out...

  4. #164


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    Just throwing out a quick update. I was able to sucessfully reintroduce the adult brichardi to this tank a while ago and I have three happily coexisting fish in the tank! I think the adult is a male and the juvies are one each male/female but I'm not sure.

    Since I got my 75 my wife has "adopted" this tank. I am hopeing for her to contract MTS, I want more tanks but she as of now says three is the limit... we will see. She has already talked about naming the fish... I think that's a good sign.

  5. #165


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    This thread needs current pics:


    Hey! You taking my picture?

    Adult and the juvie that lives in the left side of the tank:

    And the juvie that lives on the right side of the tank:

  6. #166


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    Looking good. I wonder if a few rocks on top would create some nice caves for them?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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  7. #167


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    The "rocks" are hollow, so each rock is a cave. I just put the openings to the rear for a more natural look. The fish seem happy with the scape- no "fighting". They each clearly have their favorite spots...

  8. #168


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    Looks great! What an awesome idea -- fake rocks that look like rocks from the front but have caves in the back!

    I LOVE Fairy cichlids, they are so pretty. Always wanted to give them a go.

  9. #169


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    Here's a link to the stones:

    Several LFS's near me carry them...

    You should do a brichardi tank. They are fun!

  10. #170


    0 Not allowed!
    I'm in New Zealand, I doubt I can get them here lol. But very cool nonetheless.

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