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    in my search for multies I came accross a mated pair of Neolamprologus Brichardi. I just couldn't resist. The pet store worker was able to net one right away, but had trouble netting the other. I brought them home and drip acclimated them into the tank on Wednesday. Last night I noticed the female didn't appear to be able to move her tail, and was staying at the bottom of the tank, almost seemed like she was paralyzed. This morning she was unable to keep herself upright and was pretty much just floating in the current. The male is doing fine. I am sad and don't know what to do now. I am pretty sure she will be gone by the time I get home from work.

    These are the options I see:
    1) Return male Brichardi and go back to original plan for Multis.
    2) Keep male Brichardi alone (I don't like this option- was looking forward to breeding.)
    3) Add another Brichardi and risk territorial issues (pretty sure this wouldn't end well for any fish I would add?).

    Your thoughts??

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    Brichardi are very similar to the Pulcher "Daffodil"s I had. You won't be able to keep shellies with them. You could go either route but I'd stick to the original stocking plan as I think you'll find the multies more rewarding (and could possibly sell juveniles in the future).
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

  3. #143


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    I was hoping you would reply! Thanks! Either way it would be species-only.

    Something that might help me decide... would the Brichardi be aggressive toward new additions? The LFS I bought him from has a few juvenile Brachardi. If he's just going to beat up on anyone I add I would rather just return him and order Multies... but I do love the look of the Brachardi.

  4. #144


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    Brichardi are interesting, behaviourally. If they're anything like the Daffodils they will breed, rear the young, and then the juveniles will assist with rearing future batches from the parents. Genuinely fascinating from what I've heard. Mine didn't work as I stupidly put them in with shellies and Julidochromis in a 30 gallon. I'm not sure about adding more of the same species later on. You might be ok if you rearrange the decor to break the bond with the current territory...but that's only a guess so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

    It does make all your shells a bit redundant though! You should choose what you think you will get the most out of. Maybe watch a good bunch of YouTube videos on each species and see which you preferred to watch. Then make a judgement.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Thanks for the reply! I am liking the Brichardi. He seems to have some interesting habits... digging, moving sand, etc. and I think he is a beautiful fish. I just love the "lyretail". I am also intrigued by the colony breeding thing. I will have to research adding more fish... I'm wondering if he would be more accepting of juveniles...

    As for the female, she is still alive, but is not well at all. She pretty much only has movement in her pectoral fins. Everything behind that is limp. She has no ability to stay upright. I am at the point of euthanasia. Sooooooo sad She looked so beautiful in the store. I believe she may have sustained injury when the store employee netted her, but can't be sure because the symptoms did not appear right away. She seemed fine when I first added them to the tank, but soon had trouble swimming, and then lost movement in her tail then lost the ability to stay upright.

  6. #146


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    I would video her on your phone, explaining what happened with the timeline. Then euthanise and take her back to the store for a refund. I'm assuming your water parameters are perfect?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

  7. #147


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    The store does have a 7 day guarantee so that shouldn't be a problem. I might try adding more rocks and a few juvenile fish and see how they get along...

  8. #148


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    Once you get a pair, you might have to rehome the others. Good plan though.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

  9. #149


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    I was able to get a refund (store credit) for the dead fish. They just needed a receipt and a water sample which they tested with an API liquid test kit! The results were 0/0/10. Same results I got here at home...

    I also purchased three juvenile brichardi that were in with the ones I bought earlier. The plan is to rearrange the decor in the aquarium and add the new guys and watch closely...

  10. #150


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    Everyone is doing well so far... I'm uploading a video to youtube right now...

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