Hello, I'm having some problems on breeding my Kohako and Albino Swordtails. 2 months before when I have no tank for them, I put them along with my Black Swordtails and 1 of my Kohako and Albino Swordtail got pregnant and the results are some Black S. and Pale colored Swordtails.

After getting a new tank for my Kohako and Albino S. they got pregnant again by my Hi-Fin Albino S. but the fry that being born are Black S and Pale Colored S. again. No albino or kohako s. are coming out from them. Until now they're giving birth to Black S. and Pale colored S and it's over 2 months and the result are still the same.

I have no idea why is that happening.

Any help?

(sorry for my english)