I'm completely stumped and frustrated. I have a "female" guppy tank, with about 10 female guppies and 3 platys I have a breeder box with some fry in it as well. (Its a 29 gallon, completely cycled, been running for about 8 months. I made a stupid mistake (I ordered some live plants, and the person sent me some "free fish" (Two zebra danios) I had nowhere to put them so I stupidly put them in that tank. Shortly after, I noticed some ich symptoms in one of the danios, then ich symptoms in some of the other fish. I started treating with maracide. (shortly before this I treated the whole tank with maracin 2 because of suspected mouth fungus. That all went away, after treating with maracide, 2 fish died (including the one danio). The ich seemed to have gone away, but no one was really acting right. Well in the last week, most of the fish have developed "ich" symptoms. Tried quick cure, its not touching it. Now their fins and tails are being eaten away and they are still covered in "white" (around their fins and tails, not necessarily body) I'm assuming it is not even ich anymore. But I have no idea what it is! Water parameters are good, I'm running out of options. Any ideas??