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    Default Albino Cory has no eyes

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    I noticed today that one of my corys has no eyes, just empty sockets. I purchased him about two days ago at a local pet store and I didn't notice if he was like this when I bought him. He's eating and swimming normally. All other fish in the tank are fine and none agressive 'supposedly' I'm wondering if this some kind of birth defect, an illness or some foul play from one of the other fish. In the tank I have:

    3 male guppy
    3 Albino Cory (Not including him)
    3 Glowlight tetra
    6 Neon Tetra
    2 Male Molly

    I'm worried that I might have a bully in the tank, I've read stories about fish sucking the eyes out of other fish. A horrible thought. One of the guppies does appear to be a little abrasive, he likes to follow the other fish around and occassionally he bangs into them. However, i've never seen him around the Corys, he likes to bug the guppies and mollies and tends to ignore the others. I feel really bad for the Cory. One thing I have noticed is that my fish never school, they usually do their own thing which makes me think that there's no threatening behaviour occuring. Advice please.

    The tank is about 4 months old and fully cycled.

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    Cories don't rely a terrible amount on their eyesight so if everything else is fine he should be okay. If you bought him so recently then my guess is the fish came like that from the store. The most likely suspect in your tank would be the male mollies but that is your call to observe whether they are aggressive to the corydoras or not.

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    I came upon this exact thing not too long ago at my LFS. I saw a few like this. No eyes at all. I just assumed that it was some sort of cave version or something. Lol. I don't know though. Maybe inbreeding to get the albino version is responsible.
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    Predators will often go after the eyes first and the gills second. It's how they disable their pry. Sounds as your cory was with a predator at some time or another or had a bad case of pop eye.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think maybe the most likely scenario is that it was exposed to agressive fish at some point before I bought it.

    The most likely suspect in your tank would be the male mollies but that is your call to observe whether they are aggressive to the corydoras or not.
    They seem to be very peaceful, probably the most laid back fish I have. Oh well, I guess there's nothing can be done about it. It has seemed a bit sluggish tonight but cory spend most of their time relaxing anyway, so I can't say definitively. It is leaning on its side when it lies down but it's still searching for food etc. I just hope it's not suffering.

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