hey everyone I ended up getting and just intsalled a api rena xp3(xpL) rated up to a 175 gallon fishtank. So now I have a combo of a pengiun 250, 350 (both with bio wheels) & ac70 for hob filters and a fluval 106, 205, and the rena xp3 for canisters (all but the ac70 and xp3 came off the 55 gallon when i transfered everything over). Im almost positive ive gone overkill on my sons 110 wide (not sure if thats the right term its a little longer and taller than the 55 and a little over twice as wide) I'll post pics on my profile when I get a chance I have pics of the whole setup process, but if i have gone beyond overkill on filtration what filters would be best to delete or does that depend on plants, types of fish ect...?