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  1. Default filtration needs for my 110 gallon

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    Hi everyone im new to this site and i recently upgraded my 2 year old son's fish from a 55 gallon is a 110 gallon wide aquarium. I have 2 plecos 6 cichlids and 2 cat fish (id have to post pics to know what kind they are). anyways for filtration right now i have a pengiun 250, 350, and aquaclear 70 for HOB, and a fluval 106, 205 right now. I have a fluval 304 also that only needs a seal, intake stem and media for it. should i spend the almost 60 bucks on the 304 that the problems listed are the only known problems or spend an extra 30ish bucks and get a penn plax cascade 1000 canister instead. I know my filtration might sound like overkill but ive always gone heavy on filtration and have never had anything but good results. any and all advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated

  2. Default

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    forgot to mention that its also planted in addition to the fish

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    It's always a good idea to have a little extra filtration

    I would suggest using the canister filter instead of adding a 4th HOB to your set-up. Perhaps at some point you can up-grade 2 or 3 of those smaller filters for a bigger one and cut back on your routine filter maintenance
    Last edited by Cliff; 02-06-2013 at 10:49 AM.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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  4. Default

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    my next question then is which canister would be the best filter for the cost options i have? i can spend $60ish and order a seal, intake stem w/strainer, the rubber hose fittings for intake/output & median for the used fluval 304 that came with my 110 gallon( I put it in a plasic tub and tested it and those seem to be the only problems). Or I saw I can pickup a penn plax cascade 1000 canister filter for $95 w/free next day shipping. I like fluval but also have heard good things about the penn plax canisters, I know flow rate gets cut way down when you pack the canisters with all the median but flow rates of the 304, and cascade 1000 are both the same. My main concern is if anything else fails on the fluval 304 after i put those parts on the cascade 1000 would be actually cheaper then a major rebuild or tune-up, but also dont want to waste money on the penn plax canister if they arent as good as i heard.

  5. Default

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    Also if looking for cheaper canisters check out amazon. They have a seller that sells repackaged stuff for way less than retail. I havent had problems with anything I have got from them.

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    I think I'd sell the lot and get an Eheim 2217. They tend to turn up used for decent prices. New shaft set, few o-rings and they're good for another decade.

  7. Default

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    i actually think i might go to petsmart today of all places because they have a ehiem 2234 for 41 bucks cheaper than does right now on sale. I think with everything else i have the ehiem 2234 sounds like a good workhorse to polish off the group of filter i have. Even if I dont get this ehiem I'm going to store the 304 till I have the money to just do a tune-up along with new seal ect and may add that and delete a hob or 2 when I add that to the mix. If anyone thinks the ehiem 2234 isnt what ill want then as always i am open to suggestions and opintions

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    It's too small for your whole tank, you'd want two. That aside, they're lovely filters. Bit more userfriendly than the classic series.

  9. Default

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    I have way too much spare time today and have been looking online more and I decided to bite the bullet and not cheap out and sacerfice filtration rate for a better price. Unless someone has a reason why I shouldnt buy one I think Im going to get a Rena FilStar xp3 thats rated for tanks up to 175 gallons. I saw I can get one on for 143 (with shipping ) or spend an extra $18 bucks and go get one on sale at petsmart. It is rated for 65 more gallons then I have and has three big media trays inside of it. It would take my overall filtration to roughly 900 gallons an hr ( I took what all were rated for and cut that number in half because they are packed with media). I Would also be able to delete a HOB or 2 if I really wanted to and save a few pennies on electricity and time when cleaning them out, or just leave them on and go with my theroy that theres never such a thing as too much filtration. either way it would be nice to have the option to take filters off and still have good filtration on the 110 gallon if I get around to setting up the 55 gallon tank again in the future

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    If anyone thinks the ehiem 2234 isnt what ill want then as always i am open to suggestions and opintions
    =1 to it not being close to enough filter for your tank.

    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    I think I'd sell the lot and get an Eheim 2217. They tend to turn up used for decent prices. New shaft set, few o-rings and they're good for another decade.
    This totally has my vote. Low power usage, Great media capacity, EHEIM reliability = WIN/WIN/WIN
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