Hi everyone im new to this site and i recently upgraded my 2 year old son's fish from a 55 gallon is a 110 gallon wide aquarium. I have 2 plecos 6 cichlids and 2 cat fish (id have to post pics to know what kind they are). anyways for filtration right now i have a pengiun 250, 350, and aquaclear 70 for HOB, and a fluval 106, 205 right now. I have a fluval 304 also that only needs a seal, intake stem and media for it. should i spend the almost 60 bucks on the 304 that the problems listed are the only known problems or spend an extra 30ish bucks and get a penn plax cascade 1000 canister instead. I know my filtration might sound like overkill but ive always gone heavy on filtration and have never had anything but good results. any and all advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated