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My bristle nose loves it in there, but if that's the case, I could just stick with one small and get a little more shrimp instead, maybe 5 more red-nosed shrimp.

I don't know how 5 ember tetras is a lot for even a 8 gallon, they aren't the type of fish that move 24/7 like crazy, so ill have to skip out on your advice@cliff
But I have noticed tha bristle nose can cause some ammonia, so I will probably get him a better home.
You'd be amazed at how active fish can become when they have adequate space to swim around. That's a lotta fish in that size tank.

I don't think it's only the BN pleco that's causing the ammonia - it's the combo of the waste of ALL the fish in there - we also don't know how long your tank has been running - ammonia usually signals an uncycled tank, too small of a tank and not enough large water changes.

Do you own a test kit? Plecos don't belong in small tanks like that no matter how small they start off (all fish start small - that's how pet stores are able to house so many of them in their tiny tanks until they are sold).