I had a couple bloated cories this week and this is only because I've been browsing threads for a while now and be a part of this community that I was able to deal with it calmly.
2 days ago, I went and got some floating pallets for the tetras so I could still feed them while putting the cories on a "diet", last night I gave them blanched shelled peas and woke up this morning happy and relieved to see the 2 of them with 1/2 inch of poop string behind them, they must feel better and they look better too
I also learned a little more on feeding so from now on I'll do the floating pallets for the tetras when I'll give the cories the sinking ones, and the flakes, brine shrimp & blood worms will be for everyone on a given meal (not sure it is formulated right, hope it makes sense)

So I thought I'd say thank you for all your advices and knowledge to help all readers even if they don't interact