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Thread: Help!

  1. Default Help!

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    Today I noticed over 100 tiny, white worms on the front glass of my tank.
    About 4-6 mm. Very thin.


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    Sounds like some sort of flatworms. They are not dangerous to fish but isnít that nice to look at either.

    Feed less and add some fish that eat these worms to your setup. An example of a fish that likes to eat them is pearl Gouramis and many other Gouramis. However I don't want to recommend any fish until I know what fish you have in your aquarium.

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    15 neon tetras and one algae eater. And one fish that I don't know the name of because I got it as a present, but it looks like a triangle.

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    Ghost shrimp eat these worms, and they get along fine with your other fish. Well, the shrimp might get eaten by the "triangle" fish, but they're really cheap, and are often sold as live food anyway.

    These worms are actually found in some types of fish (and turtle) food. They're somewhat like sea monkeys; they are in the food as eggs, and they hatch after being in the water. This is what I've been told, anyway...

    I had some worms in my Betta tank recently, and a Ghost shrimp took care of them within a day or two.

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    It worked. I bought ghost shrimp, and now all those nasty worms seem to be gone. Thank you! :D

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    If you see tiny little things near the glass in your tank, and they swim around in a jerky manner, they might be baby ghost shrimp. I noticed these at the same time I noticed the worms in my tank, and initially didn't realize the two were different critters altogether.

    Your fish will probably eat the baby ghost shrimp, which isn't a bad thing.

    This is just some extra info for you...

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    Thank you, good to know for the future now that I have adult ghost shrimp in the tank. Now I wont panic if they have babies. =)

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