my bedroom tank filter had stopped sucking water into the filter box last night. ( i caught it same night). After trying to see what was wrong apparently i tapped the filter on the side the right way and the suction started going again. I refiled the water box in the filter (marineland penguin 100) and it's still running this morning.

My current filter is handling the bioload in this tank as this was a tank that i completed a fishless cycle on. I just am concerned that the filter would go out again when i'm not home to catch it. This was also the same power filter i had issues with when i put the kit together initially prior to starting my fishless cycle in the tank. it also takes forever to start it's job after i do a WC usually 5-10 minutes and i use the tank water to fill the box to start it up.

Current stocking in this tank is 6 flame tetras, 4 ornate tetras, a nerite snail and a mystery snail. I have already upped the Water changes to 50% twice a week to ensure the nitrates are kept down as that is the only thing showing any reading at this time. Both ammo and Nitrites have been Zero.

the problem is i need to either keep the same type of filter (so i can transfer the media in the box over so i don't lose my cycle or upgrade slightly to one with enough room in the filterbox to accomodate both the old A pad i have now and whatever pad they require in the filter system.

I'm open to options on this as long as i can transfer the media in the biowheel and the blue sponge over.

I would be using part of my tax refund money to get the filter. (was thinking of upgrading to a penguin 150 which is supposed to be good with up to thirty gallon tanks. penguin 150 uses a B size sponge filter though)