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    Default 14 Gallon Freshwater Platy Tank(with 2 Guppies)

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    I have had the 14 gallon for a year now,but I have not properly cycled the tank until now.I have now stocked the tank with platies and 2 guppies rescued from small 5 gallon.I know I don't have that much plants but I will be getting more plants sometime.I have 4 female platies to one male and 1 male to 1 female guppy.I know the guppy ratio isn't correct but the two guppies leave each other alone mysteriously.But the male platy,a mickey mouse is already chasing the girl platies that are already pregnant.I have plans for the fry in the future so I have homes for the fry,you don't need to worry about that.The male,no name yet(It's soo hard naming all my fish) goes after 3 of the females but ignores one small red platy,for no known reason.

    The 4 females I have are 1 red platy,who's tail was bitten by a betta,2 yellow females and one female i can't explain the colour of.She is kind of orangey red near her tail and gold on her body with brownish stripes.I hope you can help me with what variety of platy she is.

    The 1 male I have is a turquoise blue Mickey Mouse Platy(I love him).He is a very active fish but loves food also.I have to cut down the food I feed him(I don't overfeed him,he's just a tiny bit fat and I can assure you it's not bloat).I have no name for all my platies but i have a name for the female guppy which I raised from a little tiny hitchhiker from the petshop and she is called Chloe.I don't have a name for her son,the male guppy.

    What plants do you suggest that are hardy and don't mind hard water?I am thinking of elodea and Java Fern but I am open to suggestions.I have 1 boring fake plant in the tank right now but I want my tank planted.I also want plants which are low care and do not need a load of Co2 etc.When I get the plants and suggestions I will update you with more photos.

    I have had a bad history with the 14 Gallon.First I got fish when the tank wasn't cycled,I thought running the filter and heater for a few days was long enough but I was such a noob back then.Then I got an african cichlid(which the pet shop guy said was ok) to go with guppies and mollies.I left on holidays for a week to come home to tails shredded of fish and dead fish everywhere,I guess you get the picture.I then put a goldfish in the tank which I then found out that the goldfish would get too big.I then got angelfish and then a pleco(I know,veeery bad ideas).And now I have the platies and the 2 guppies which I am very happy about my current stocking.

    I will finish off my big speech and I will keep you updated,just keep an eye out on this thread for updates.Just to finish,I would like to mention my maintenance of the tank.I do a 25-30% water change once a week or when needed.I dechlorinate the water and ensure the water is the same temperature as the tank water.Before I add the water and while taking out the 25-30% of water I very importantly siphon the aquarium gravel to suck up the fish poop and uneaten food off the bottom of the tank.I have ruined my 5 gallon freshwater tank by lazily not siphoning the gravel and lost 3 bettas to it.I have now learned my lesson and I would like to stress the importance of siphoning the gravel.I have my lights on a timer to simulate natural lighting conditions which is about 10-12 hours.

    I have talked too much and now I will get on with the photo.I'm sorry that I have only 1 photo,I just found it very hard to take a photo of the moving fish,who don't like their photos being taken LOL.

    14 Gallon FW: Guppies,Platies
    5 Gallon FW:

    "Don't just make a fish SURVIVE,make the fish HAPPY,it's not a hard thing to do

    14 Gallon Journal....

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    I'm bumping this as no one is replying
    14 Gallon FW: Guppies,Platies
    5 Gallon FW:

    "Don't just make a fish SURVIVE,make the fish HAPPY,it's not a hard thing to do

    14 Gallon Journal....

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