I came across Chemi-Pure Elite one day and now i want to buy some to add to my filters after reading and hearing the highly praised reviews. I tried to avoid getting this product for the fact i didnt want to keep buying it but ive decided to go with it now. My questions to anyone who uses this how long does it work and how much do you use per filter ? I plan to use three 11oz one per tray inside of my Fx5 and another in my Ac110 so 4 and changing them every 6 months. Before coming across this i was planning on buying a pleco to help handle my algae but since this eliminates phosphates (which is what feeds algae) basically reducing the amount i decided on this instead of relying on a fish to clean the tank for me. I also hear by doing that it help make your water crystal clear so thats a plus. Saltwater people swear by this product so it must work wonders so yea is using 4 too much at once ?