So from researching on here a bit, I've gathered info on what I need to get started. I have been wanting to start a tank for a while now but my local pet store "Pet Supplies Plus" is running a sale, one dollar per gallon fish tanks and one dollar tropical fish. I know how sketchy this stuff can be so I am being skeptical. I already have my tank (30 gal) so I won't be buying my tank from there. But is there something fishy (sorry for the pun LOL) about one dollar tropical fish? Anyway, I am also wanting to know if a dresser would be an OK place to put this tank? I know it isn't ideal...but would this cause any complication for the fish? I live in a small apartment and I could make the room but it would look really nice on this dresser and would be a little less trouble. I plan on doing live plants with tetras, danios and a few corys. Am I on the right track? And my main concern is brands...should I stay away from pet store brands and buy stuff online?