Hello. I recently purchased two veil tail Angel Fish and two regular Angel Fish. They are approx. two inches in size. I am quite taken with them! Each one is colored differently... some with stripes, some with spots. They seem to be enjoying swimming around in my tank.
However, they are not eating the TetraMin Color Enhancing Flake Food I place in the tank. They swim up to it, they swim by it, they look like they are going to eat it (they investigate) but then they pass it up. It has been 3 days and they refuse to eat the flakes.
Can you recommend something else? Perhaps they need a different food? I'd hate to lose them!

Also, I heard that Angel Fish can be quite territorial. But these 4 Angel Fish will not leave each other. It almost looks like they are schooling. Is it because they are juveniles?

Thank you for your time.