Today I finally have my home made sump ready for a test run. I opened the valves from the over flow and after somewhat filling up the sump, I added more saltwater and fired up the return pump. It actually works!

Got brave and pulled the return pump plug to simulate a power failure. Found out I have the return out-let too low in the main tank. The syphon effect quickly filled the sump.

Went to a few stores looking for a 3/4" check valve. Came back with plan B. No check valve to be found so I have to raise my out-let which is tough with the current plumbing. I picked up a few things but I need to add a 90 degree fitting so the tension is off the out-let nozzle. Then I can use a heater type suction cup device to keep the out-let nozzle where I want it.

I also started up my protein skimmer. I have the bubbles set on low as it takes 24 hours to break it in. Man does this thing bubble even on the lowest setting.

Things are coming together. And thankfully my live sand has calmed down and I can see the back of the tank again.