I've been reading for some time and thought it was time to jump in. I have been keeping freshwater fish for close to 20 years. My current setup is a 55 gal. pentagon with a healthy school of neons, 3 young bala sharks, 4 corrys, and what I call a herd of ghost shrimp. Ohh and how could i forget my leporinus who I have had for close to 12 years now. He has survived 3 moves, countless mistakes, and a few escapes from the tank just since I have had him. I bought this tank from my bestfriend in 04 and he had him for 3 years befor I got him so who knows how many close calls he has had. My ghost shrimp are my favorites to watch right now. they seem to do something everyday to make me laugh. I'm not sure how I ever lived with out them in my tanks and talk about a clean team.